Yoga Withdrawal

Good Morning Afternoon!

I let myself sleep in until 8, even though I woke up (without my alarm) at 6:35.  I went on a 30 minute power walk before making some heart healthy oatmeal.  I am in complete yoga withdrawal.  I stopped going because I just don’t have time; but I think I’m going to have to start doing it again.  I definitely feel the difference in my body, especially today.  I am so sore and my muscles are very tight.  I might do a short yoga sesh before bed tonight.  Loads to do! So this will be a quick post.


Oatmeal: 1/2 c. of oats, 1/2 c. almond milk, 1/2 c. water, maca powder, vanilla, 1/2 banana, flax, cinnamon, and 1 tsp. of PB.  (I got lazy and grabbed a measuring cup :P)


COFFEE! (same vanilla nut latte as yesterday)


Apples w/ Cinnamon (one of my favs!)

(I also spent this morning experimenting with my real camera- not my phone lol…trying to get better quality pics on the blog)

Daily Dose of Motivation:

(more like something to think about..)

Have an awesome day!


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