It happens to everyone…

Tired…so so tired.  The last few days have been interesting.  For one thing, I didn’t know I could make it 4 days on 3-6 hrs of sleep each night and still be kinda functional. Although, I wasn’t able to work out (not good to stress your body if you didn’t get enough sleep by working out).  My diet was really good….up until yesterday.  I ate a LOT of food yesterday and today because I was so exhausted.  But the food I did eat was healthier food.  I didn’t have any junk.  (Also, it didn’t help that I was up at 4 AM and going until 11 PM).

You’ll notice (down below) I made Hungry Herbivore’s Pumpkin Bread.  I changed the recipe a bit.  Instead of brown sugar I used Raw Coconut Crystals (works perfectly!) and instead of using Whole Wheat Flour I used Whole Wheat Pastry Flour.  Next time I want to experiment using dates and bananas as sweeteners and also add chocolate chips, nuts, etc.  It was pretty good though!

What I ate Wednesday:

-Bob’s Red Mill 10-Grain Cereal w/ Strawberries + PB and Green Tea

-Blueberry Muffin Larabar + Orange Spiced Tea w/ Honey

-Quinoa + Corn + Spinach+ 2 heaping Tbsp of refried beans (herbamare and olive oil)

-Apple Turnover Uber Larabar

-Zen Bakery’s Cinnamon Raison Roll


-Which Wich sandwich: bean pattie, veggies, and hummus on wheat bread

Today, was kinda similar.  Still exhausted even though I slept 8-9 hrs last night (first time I’ve slept that long in a week).  Woke up feeling just like yesterday.

Today’s Eats:  

-Amande Raspberry Yogurt w/ Ezekiel Cereal

-1/2 PB&J Larabar

-4.5 pices of HH’s Pumpkin Bread

The Fitnessista’s Tofu Mexican Salad


-3/4 bag of Veggie Sticks

-a couple sips of Mother’s Market “Vampire” Veggie Juice

-Endangered Species Milk Chocolate Square

-(and I’m probably going to have some fruit from Yogurtland (with chocolate)

Some things I noticed today:

1- Mother’s Market’s veggie juices ALWAYS get rid of my headaches

2-  too many veggie sticks give me stomach aches

3-  Lack of Sleep (short-term and long-term)= hungover feeling=healthy eating goes to hell

4-  need to start eating more fruits as snacks instead of larabars, etc.

Tomorrow is a new day!  I will be back on track eating well and in moderation!  I will workout, do yoga, and be positive!


Daily Dose of Motivation:

Have a great night!


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