Weekend Recap

What happens when you end up spending the whole weekend with friends….yup…social eating.  My weekend was filled with TONS of pizza, candy corn, brownies, cake, boba, cheese, and donuts.  (Although to be fair, about half of that was stress eating).  So let’s just say I woke up this morning feeling like something died in my stomach…eww.  So today was spent eating a lot of white rice, chicken broth, applesauce, and toast.  But that’s okay.  Tomorrow I will be 100% better and can get back on track.  I need to remember that being kind to my body will ALWAYS be better than how that donut or whole pizza tastes.

So, my planned workouts for the week are as follows:

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
BC:  Spin Class

W: (10-10-10) + Blogilates

BC: 30 min. jog + Blogilates Calendar workout

W: Kron??

BC: 30 min. walk

W:  14 min. jog, TIU back to school (3X) and a Shape Mag. Workout

BC:  yoga (or walk/jog for 30 min.)

W: 30 min. cardio (5-20-5), Blogilates

No scheduled workout; will be walking all day

Hopefully I’ll be able to stick to it.

In other news….Taylor Swift’s album came out today!!! I love it!

and….Ed Sheeran is featured on the album too! (So excited!)

Hope you all have an awesomely awesome day 😀


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