Hi! My name is Caroline.  I am currently finishing up my last year as a Communications major (advertising concentration) in college.

My Story

      When I started college I was at a normal weight for my height.  However, I looked very pudgy.  I was living off pasta, ramen noodles, and burritos.  At the time I was a musical theater major and I would be dancing at least 8 hrs a week, on top of all my other physical-type classes.  Even though I was constantly moving, I was also constantly eating- and not the right foods.  I slowly gained weight over the course of my freshman year.  It wasn’t until early spring when I was looking at pictures of myself and realizing that I looked gross and kinda fat.  I was 25 lbs heavier than I should have been.  Later that day I was checking my email and (since it was AOL) on the Huffington Post an article poped up on their slideshow about a girl who was just like me who lost the weight.  Her article linked a number of health food blogs and magazine.  After that I started to learn that you really are what you eat.  In that first year I was able to lose the weight.  Since then (mostly during holiday season) I have been all over the scale.  After a while I decided to become vegan after reading an article about dairy and digestion (I had a lot of stomach issues that doctor’s couldn’t explain).  In the first week of being vegan all of those issues went away!  Now the only time I ever get a stomach ache or those issues return is if I eat a lot of sugar or have dairy.  Right now I’m sticking to mostly vegan (whole-food, plant based!) about 70-80% of the time.  But I still like to enjoy the occasional burger or homemade pie/cake/cookie etc.  During all this, I learned about proper fitness and exercise.  When I eat clean and workout, I feel amazing!  By taking care of my body, I have gained self-esteem and confidence; both of which were non-existant at the start of my journey.




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