Lunchtime Crunchtime

Uggghh! I still have so much work to do.  I think I’m going to just work straight until my walk (no more mini breaks).

But on the bright side, I did organize my room a bit.  🙂  Before lunch I had a chocolate chip cookie dough Larabar as a snack.


Pumpkin Empanada w/ refried beans.

In theory this sounded delicious.  But I forgot to add the salt to the white corn meal so it was def. missing something.  Also, I wasn’t very into it because it had a distinctive fall flavor and it’s 86 degrees right now. -_-  However I used the fat-free refried beans as a dip which made it taste PERFECT! Next time I think I will mix the pumpkin and the beans.  (We’ll see how that turns out).

Hope everyone’s day is going well 🙂